Set as Primary

In the Communities ID ecosystem, a single wallet address can hold multiple user DIDs, representing an individual's membership in various communities. Among the multiple user DIDs, one can be set as the "Primary" DID, serving as the preferred identity for that wallet address.

How to "Set as Primary"

  1. Select the Preferred DID: Search the user DID that you want to set as your primary identity.

  2. Set as Primary: Use the "Set as Primary" option to make the selected DID your primary identity.

  3. Confirmation: Confirm the action, and the selected DID will become your primary DID.

Along with the "Set as Primary" request, a protocol fee will be charged. Ensure that you have sufficient balance to cover this fee.

Your primary DID serves as a unified identity across different platforms integrated with Communities ID's SDK. You can change your primary DID at any time, allowing you to control how you present yourself.

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