Soulbound DID

Most existing DIDs or domain names on the market operate on a subscription basis, where they can expire and be traded. This model contradicts the original intent of on-chain identities, as forgetting to renew or leaking wallet private keys can render an individual's on-chain footprint valueless.

In Communities ID, although User DID is also minted on an annual payment basis, users can convert their DID into a Soulbound DID after acquisition. This grants the User DID the characteristics of being non-transferable and never expiring.

When users use a smart contract wallet that includes social recovery, this Soulbound DID can serve as an individual's permanent identity in decentralized world. It ensures that the information value of this identity on the chain won't be lost due to scams, phishing, or forgetting to renew.

Soulbound DID is a revolutionary feature of Communities ID that provides a secure, permanent on-chain identity, safeguarding users' valuable digital footprint.

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