How to start?

This guide is divided into two parts, targeting two different user groups:

For Project Owners or Community Leaders:

If you are a Project Owner or Community Leader and you have the following needs:

  • Having an on-chain identity ending with your personal brand, replacing lengthy wallet addresses.

  • Establishing a DID system for Social-Fi users that also has applications outside of DApps.

  • Issuing a set of DID passes or characters for your Game-Fi audience, similar to traditional game accounts.

  • Using Omni DID to solve the inconvenience of using multiple wallet addresses for cross-chain applications.

  • S the reputation of your community or project using a DID ending with your brand name and the interoperability within Communities ID's ecosystem.

  • Using DID to implement the concept of "address-less" to onboard more web2 users.

  • .etc

You can mint a Brand DID and adopt our DID as a Service protocol to start an exclusive DID system for your community or project.

For specific guidance, please refer to: Brand DID Guide

For Regular Users:

Although DID as a Service is a DID protocol mainly for project or community owners, regular users are the direct targets of DID. Any regular user can join the Communities ID ecosystem and contribute to the widespread adoption of decentralization by minting a User DID under a certain Brand DID corresponding to a community or project.

Or, if you want to have a unique on-chain identity of your own, you can first mint the corresponding Brand DID and then further mint the User DID.

For specific steps, please refer to: User DID Guide

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