The "Burn" feature in Communities ID's DID system is a distinctive function that allows users to sever ties with a community and reclaim staked tokens.

If a user no longer identifies with a particular community, they can choose to "burn" the corresponding User DID. By burning the User DID, the user can retrieve the tokens staked in the Token Locker.

The burn action can only be performed during the renewal period.

Importance Consideration

Irreversible Action: Once a User DID is burned, the action cannot be undone, and the identity associated with that community is permanently severed.

Only burn on communities.id: The burn must be carried out through the Communities ID website's provided Burn functionality. Manually transferring the User DID to a black hole address or using other contracts (e.g., 'Seaport') to move the User DID to a black hole address will not allow the retrieval of staked tokens.

Consider the Commission: If the Brand DID's commission rate is set to 100%, burning the User DID will not result in the retrieval of staked tokens.

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