Mint Mode

Mint Mode

Communities ID currently supports three user DID mint modes, each catering to different requirements and use cases:


A controlled mode where a specific wallet address is designated as the "signer". The signer has the authority to set minting conditions, such as user DID name, minting address, etc., and generate an encrypted character string (Signature). Minting a user DID successfully requires inputting this Signature.

Signature mint is ideal for communities or projects that want to maintain control over who can mint user DID and under what conditions.

Public Mint

An open mode where any individual or wallet address can mint any user DID with any name. Public mint mode is suitable for communities or projects that want to allow unrestricted access to user DID creation.

NFT-gated Mint

A restricted mode where only wallet addresses holding a specific NFT have the permission to mint. A NFT contract address must be entered for validation. Perfect for communities or projects that want to link user DID minting to ownership of specific NFTs, creating an exclusive or privileged access system.

Currently, only ERC-721 tokens are supported. If you want to allow users holding specific ERC20 tokens to mint, you can choose your ERC20 Token as the minting fee.

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