Omni DID

In the blockchain context, "Omni" often refers to multi-chain interoperability or deployment. However, the concept of Omni DID in Communities ID extends far beyond this.

  1. Multi-chain Deployment and Uniqueness: The DID as a Service protocol can be deployed across multiple chains. By creating OmniNodes through cross-chain protocols, we ensure the uniqueness of each Brand DID across all blockchain networks. This means that each Brand DID name can only appear once across all networks, eliminating any confusion that could arise from duplicate names on different chains.

  2. Customizable Brand DID: With Brand DID, you're not limited to the name provided by the chains themselves, such as .eth, .bnb, .arb, etc. You can choose any names you wish for your Brand DID, opening up new possibilities for all communities & projects on the blockchain.

  3. Minting User DID with "your token" : The minting of User DID can be done with any token - be it a public chain token, ERC20 token, etc. All that's required is for the Brand DID Holder to set the settlement token contract. This fully empowers your tokens.

Therefore, our DaaS protocol with Omni DID functionality is highly inclusive, open, and versatile. It can meet the needs of many communities and projects, offering a wide range of possibilities for identity management in the crypto space.

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