In Communities ID, the Brand DID owner has the autonomy to customize their pricing strategy, offering a more flexible fee structure for user DID minting.

Please note that changes to the Pricing-related Settings cannot be made when the total number of user DIDs is not zero. Please ensure there are no issues before enabling Mint.

ERC20 Contract

By inputting a specific ERC20 token contract address, the minting fee for user DID will be settled using the tokens from that contract. This allows Brand DID owners to accept payments in a variety of tokens, catering to their community's preferences or the project's native token.

Mint Price

Mint price denotes the price for minting each user DID. Brand DID owners can set a price that reflects the value or exclusivity of being part of their community or using their platform.

Commission Rate

Contrary to the common practice of directly paying minting fees to the contract owner, in Communities ID, the fee for minting a user DID is staked in the community's Token Locker contract on Communities ID. This stake grants the user the right to use the user DID for a specified period.

The Commission Rate represents the portion of the user's payment that goes directly to the Brand DID owner. The remaining amount is locked in the community's Token Locker.

Boundary Cases:

  • 0% Commission Rate: If the Brand DID sets the commission rate at 0%, the entire amount paid by the user will be staked in the Token Locker. Users can choose to burn their user DID upon expiration to retrieve the full staked amount.

  • 100% Commission Rate: If the Brand DID sets the commission rate at 100%, the entire payment from the user goes to the Brand DID owner (with Communities ID deducting an interface fee). No tokens will be stored in the Token Locker. Consequently, users will not receive any refunds when they burn their user DID.

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