For regular users


Please carefully check the URL to prevent phishing or fraud.

2. Connect your wallet

3. Name your User DID:

Enter the User DID you want in the search bar. If the User DID has not been minted yet, you can proceed with the minting process. If the Brand DID to which it belongs has not been minted, you need to mint the Brand DID first.

Please note to use the supported format for the search, such as "alice.bayc".

4. Provide a Signature:

For private Brands that have not opened public minting, you need to get a Signature from the project owner or community leader corresponding to the Brand DID to mint the corresponding User DID. If the Brand DID has opened holding minting, you must hold the specified Token to proceed with minting.

5. Mint:

Click on Mint and all set.

Please carefully check the information, as it cannot be changed once the minting is successful.


Once you've successfully minted your User DID, you can use it as your on-chain identity. This allows you to interact within the corresponding community or project with a shared identity, and you can freely use it across all dApps supported within the Communities ID ecosystem

Please refer to the User Guide to set up your User DID. This guide will provide you with detailed instructions and best practices for defining your DID system, how to manage and renew it, and how to use it to engage with your community.

Remember, your User DID is a valuable asset, so always follow best practices for security and privacy to protect your on-chain identity.

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