For project owners


Please carefully check the URL to prevent phishing or fraud.

2. Connect your wallet:

It's recommended to use a wallet controlled by your community or project team.

3. Name your Brand DID:

Enter a name related to your community, project, or brand as the Brand DID in the search bar.

Remember, your Brand DID is more than just a name - it's a representation of your community on the blockchain. It's important to choose a Brand DID that accurately represents your community and resonates with your community members.

Please note to use the supported format for the search, such as "bayc" or ".bayc". If the Brand DID has not been minted yet, you can proceed with the minting process.

4. Choose the network:

Brand DID can be minted on different chains, and the DID contract for community members can be deployed on the corresponding chain.

Communities ID currently supports Ethereum, Optimism, Polygon, BSC, and zkSync.

Please note that to maintain uniqueness across all chains, the same Brand DID can only be minted on one chain, so please choose the chain where your community members are mainly active.

5. Provide a Signature:

Communities ID is committed to building a permissionless DID protocol, but to prevent malicious occupation and fraud, we are currently in the Private Launch stage. Project owners who wish to mint a certain name Brand DID need to contact the Communities ID Team via Discord or Telegram to obtain a Signature.

At this stage, we will do a very simple manual verification to ensure as much permissionless and security as possible.

6a. Mint (if on Ethereum):

Please carefully check the information, as it cannot be changed once the minting is successful.

6b. Register & Mint (if on non-Ethereum networks):

Deploying a DID contract on any chain other than Ethereum requires the creation of an OmniNode on Ethereum to ensure uniqueness, so a cross-chain fee will be paid to the cross-chain protocol when minting the Brand DID. Communities ID does NOT profit from this fee. Although there is a higher initial cost for deployment on non-Ethereum chains, the gas fee for community members to mint User DID will be greatly reduced.

First, create an OmniNode on Ethereum, and after successful cross-chain, proceed with minting. Please carefully check the information, as it cannot be changed once the minting is successful.

If you stop the subsequent minting after creating the OmniNode, Communities ID will reserve your control over the OmniNode for 10 minutes. After this time, other users who wish to mint that Brand DID can choose to revoke the OmniNode and reselect the chain. (You can also use this method to reselect the chain).


Once you've successfully minted your Brand DID, it means that your exclusive DID contract has been successfully deployed. You can now start to freely edit and define your DID system as you wish.

Please refer to the Brand Guide to set up your Brand DID. This guide will provide you with detailed instructions and best practices for defining your DID system, how to manage and renew it, and how to use it to engage with your community.

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