Renewal & Expiration

Annual Subscription with Flexibility

User DID comes with a one-year validity period upon minting. Unlike Brand DID, User DID allows the owner to choose the renewal period. You can opt to renew for five years at once to reduce the annual renewal gas fee.

If you plan to retain the DID long-term, consider using the "soulbind" option.

Renewal Process

  1. Expiration Notice: Be mindful of the upcoming expiration date for your User DID.

  2. 30-Day Priority Renewal Period: After the expiration of the validity period, there is a 30-day window during which only the current User DID holder has the priority to renew the subscription.

  3. Open Renewal: If the User DID holder does not renew within the 30-day priority period, anyone can burn and re-mint the DID with the same name (Note: Token ID may change, affecting associated PFP).

After the open renewal period, anyone can burn the DID and claim the tokens staked by the original owner in the Token Locker.

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