Modify User DID

With the Operator function, platforms can offer various DID management functionalities directly on their websites or within their dApps. Users are no longer required to navigate to the Communities ID page for primary operations. Business partners can set their Brand DID parameters on the Communities ID and provide a direct interface to their Users by integrating the SDK.

This promotes user retention by reducing the learning curve associated with migrating to the Communities ID page for DID operations.

Key features include:

  • Minting User DID directly within partner platforms.

  • Renewing, burning, and setting a primary DID within partner platforms.

To use these writing methods, you should pass generateSigner to the chain you want to modify on. Or you can use operator.setSigner method to set signer after initialized.

Here are some examples:

const { operator } = new CommunitiesID(options);
await operator.mintUserDID('test.did', '0x123456')
await operator.renewUserDID('test.did')
await operator.setAsPrimary('test.did')

For more details, please refer to API doc.

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