Base URL (PFP)

All user DIDs are standard ERC721 NFTs, which means they also have their individual PFPs. The default PFP for user DIDs consists of the brand color background along with the user DID's name.

Brand DID owners can create and upload avatars to replace the default ones, which use the Brand color as a background.

The Base URL feature in Communities ID offers a simple yet powerful way to infuse your community's branding into the user DID experience. By allowing Brand DID owners to set custom avatars, it fosters a sense of unity and identity within the community, making each user DID not just a decentralized identity but a symbol of belonging and connection to the community.

How to Implement:

  1. Create Custom Avatars: Design a set of custom avatars that reflect your community's brand, values, or theme.

  2. Host the Avatars: Upload the custom avatars to a web server or hosting platform, ensuring they are accessible via a URL.

  3. Set the Base URL: In Communities ID, navigate to the mint settings section and input the URL where the custom avatars are hosted. This URL will serve as the Base URL for all user DID PFPs within your community.

Handling of Base URL:

When setting up custom PFP avatars using the Base URL in Communities ID, it's essential to note the following:

  • Appending Token ID: Communities ID will append the Token ID suffix to the end of the submitted base URL during processing. This means that the URL for each PFP will include the specific Token ID for that user DID.

  • Uniform Prefix: Ensure that every PFP's URL has a consistent prefix. This common prefix should be entered in the mint settings within Communities ID.


  • Base URL:

  • Token ID: 123

  • Final URL for PFP:

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