DID as a Service

To understand Decentralized Identity (DID) as a Service, it's helpful to first grasp the concept of "as a Service". This term, often used in the context of software, refers to a model where software applications are provided to users over the internet on a subscription basis. A common example is Software as a Service (SaaS), where instead of purchasing and installing software on individual computers, users access the software via the internet, often through a web browser.

Now, let's apply this model to DID & Blockchain. DID allows crypto projects and communities to manage their members and integrate with their dApp ecosystems effectively. DaaS refers to providing a permissionless & customizable DID framework that allows anyone to create their own exclusive top-level domain (Brand DID) without any coding. Based on this Brand DID, one can build an identity system tailored for various business scenarios. The sub-domains (User DID) not only possess the universal wallet resolution capability of traditional domain NFTs but also offer a rich array of extended features within their respective ecosystems.


With our DaaS, crypto projects and communities can mint a Brand DID, which acts as a purchase of the service and deploys a DID contract for the project or community.

Example: .bayc (.brandname)

Users can then mint a User DID (also an ERC-721 NFT), ending with the brand name, to access the services provided by the project or community.

Example: alice.bayc (username.brandname)

Key Features

Key features of DID as a Service include:

  • Ease of Deployment: DaaS simplifies the process of setting up a DID system, making it accessible even to those with limited technical expertise.

  • Scalability: DaaS can be easily integrated into existing dApps & ecosystems and is highly scalable to accommodate the growth of the community or project.

  • Interoperability: DaaS offers a wealth of use cases beyond the subscribers' dApp ecosystems. User DIDs are interoperabile in any dApps taht integrate our SDK.

In essence, DaaS is a game-changer in the blockchain space, offering a streamlined, cost-effective solution for identity management in crypto communities.

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